Yoga As Therapy 

Yoga to manage:



Effects of Trauma

Overall Physical Wellbeing

Overall Emotional Disposition

Overall Integrated Wellness of the Whole Being: Mind, Body, & Spirit


We are complex, energetic beings made up of several interdependent layers which characterize our experience.  To approach wellness from a wholistic perspective, utilizing yoga as therapy, the relationship and integration of each layer is considered when determining the appropriate practices for each client ‘s needs. 


Research has shown that mindful yoga practices have a positive affect on various stress symptons including hypertension, type 2 diebetes, inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.  


Practices utilized in yoga as therapy may include but are not limited to  asana (yoga postures), pranayama (directed breathing), meditation, different styles of yoga to include but not limited to Yin & Restorative yoga.